Monday, June 16, 2008

Chica Adventure on Isla Gamez y Isla Bolanos

Since I arranged dance camp weekends in my previous life, I decided to coordinate my first Boquete Chica event. I had been wishing for a boat ride out Chiriqui Gulf to visit the Parque Nacional Marino Golfo De Chiriqui (a 14,740-hectare marine park that encompasses two dozen islands). So I contacted Boquete Outdoor Adventures (an up-and-coming outfitter-guide business) who put together a great trip. It all came together yesterday & eight Chicas (including me) had a great time on two white sand beaches. As the Moon Panama guidebook says, "It's a bit of an adventure to get to the islands that start just off the coast east of David; that's half the fun of visiting this area". We definitely got the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. We spent most of our time on Isla Gamez. I got some great pictures of the island, but..... my computer died & I had to totally wipe it's hard drive. In the process, I lost all my recent pictures. Oh well, I'll just have to travel back to the Islands!! It was quite the location, though. Unsurpassed white sand beaches, calm/warm water for snorkeling, brown boobies flying overhead, hammocks in trees, home-made brownies for lunch! I'll be planning another Chica event that involves rafting a beautiful, easy river.

I close on my condo (finally) this Wednesday, so I'll be the official owner of #101. I'm still seeing great birds on my walks. My most recent "finds" include the White-tailed Kite (very cool bird) and immature cattle egrets. Tomorrow I head to David to get my multi-entry Visa from the Migrations office (fun, fun, fun). I'll need it for coming back into the country July 22. I'll be in WA from June 29-July 13 visiting my Mother, then in the Bay Area from July 13-21. So, I'll discontinue the blog for the next few weeks.

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