Thursday, July 31, 2008

Olive Ridley Turtle Release at Las Olas

Hello from Paradise! This was my first attempt at "turtle video". It you listen closely, you will hear me say that the turtles were touching my feet! At that point, I lost control of the camera. Anyway, it was another lovely day at Las Olas. I was pleased that I had survived the drive home Tuesday from Boquete to Las Olas through the heart of a lightening storm. One bolt was so close, I thought I was a goner. When I got to David, I thought again about that FWD SUV I want to purchase. My Kia made it home OK, but it was definitely touch & go through the flooded streets. When I reached my condo, it looked like nothing had happened--no storm, no flooding...there were even pockets of sun. Las Olas/Playa Barqueta is definitely blessed with GREAT WEATHER. I've added a turtle picture in case you can't play the video. Approximately 150 of the baby turtles were released. Sadly, only about 15 of those turtles will survive to maturity & come back to Playa Barqueta to lay their eggs. Maybe it will be one the turtles I held in my hand & released!

Tomorrow I will venture into the mangrove system with friends/neighbors Ken & Sharon (the same woman who did the fabulous stained glass on a previous post). I will borrow one of their plastic kayaks & test the waters for future use of my inflatable Alpacka Raft. We will get on the water 2 hours before low tide so we won't be fighting the river current. Stay tuned & wish me luck. It's reassuring to know that the spectacled caimans (small alligators) are mostly under 5 feet long & don't normally attack anything bigger than they are. Still.....

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