Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day in Cartegena

Wow! This is quite the place. Cartegena is only a 1 hour flight from Panama City, but it is very different... much more European than Panama. I travelled down here with Louise & Penny (two of my Boquete Chica friends). Apparently it gets more European the further south you go (according to Louise). So I am officially in South America. That means I've been in Russia, China, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Panama & Colombia. Maybe by the time I hit 100 (& I fully expect to now that I'm on Juice Plus), I will have been around the world & seen most countries. Panama sure is a good place to be based. Here are some pictures of the Boca Grande (Spanish translation = Big Mouth) section of Cartegena. When we return from 7 nights at the Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort (35 km from Santa Marta), we'll spend 3 nights in the old part of Cartegena, a World Heritage Site that is truely remarkable. Luckily, it's much more expensive to live here than Panama, so all temptation to move here has been removed. I'll try to keep up on my travels as long as I have an Internet connection.

Signing out from Cartegena!


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