Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lightning Show 4/30/08

"Lightning is a beautiful but deadly natural phenomenon", according to one Google definition. It didn't seem very deadly as I watched silent lightning explode over distant portions of the Pacific Ocean. Of course I was seated in my newly-purchased deck chair on my lanai, listening to gigantic toads courting each other. How could anything seem deadly! How could life get any better?
Here's a picture of Volcan Baru (the highest point in Panama @11,411 feet). This shot is taken from near the back window of my condo. It can also be seen from the ocean (reminiscent of swimming on the Big Island of Hawaii and while staring at Mauna Loa). Wood storks hang out in those trees along with great and snow egrets.
Good news! The Banistmo Bank will give Las Olas Development Group a promissory note by the end of the week. That means I can move my newly-purchased furniture into the condo by the weekend (I hope). One can't get too worked up about time here. I'm just glad I found nice furniture in David & didn't have to make a special trip to Panama City. Furniture City will transport the furniture for a mere $30.00! It cost more than that to have Sears move an elliptical exercise machine across town in Fairbanks!
Adios for now! If I knew retirement was going to be so nice, I would have done it years ago!

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