Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fireworks, Bonfires, Mariachi Bands & Friends

December 31, 2008 started out like almost any other day on this glorious beach. Pauline & I went for an early morning walk (that's Pauline in the sunrise picture), then cooled down at the pool. I dashed into David for a few hours in the afternoon (buying some list minute items for Richard & Nina's rental along with these apple bananas for $1.50) and finished up the day with a second beach walk (you guessed it, this is a picture of the last sunset in 2008). The fun really got underway around 8:00 p.m. when I went over to Ken & Sharon's beach party. The bonfire was lite right after I showed up, shedding some light on who was there (a wonderful group of people, I might add). Ken set off the fireworks (illegal to purchase in the U.S. but perfectly legal and available year-round here) around 9:00 (so that some of us could go to bed at our normal 10:00.... we are retirees, after all). I followed Leslie's family to the next party given by Roy & Ron (at Ron's beach house). This was an extravagant party (which I crashed since I knew neither Ron nor Roy) which included a 6-man Mariachi Band (above), drinks, dinner, dessert & fireworks. While drinking my agua & feeling the magic of the night sky, I saw a comet (Wow!). Mike (who shared my table) said that a really big comet show will happen this Saturday night (so I'll be looking for that). I returned home to my condo just before midnight so I could see the Las Olas Resort fireworks (the best I've ever seen at a close distance). Enjoy & Happy New Year!

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