Monday, January 12, 2009

Islas Secas

This says it all! We had a wonderful Boquete Chicas Islas Secas trip on January 11. The weather was perfect, the water warm-calm-deep blue, and the snorkeling was some of the best in Panama. Carlos Spragge from Buzos Boca Brava took 15 of us Chicas out in his 50' boat for a day of adventure at Islas Secas (a group of islands 1.5 hours away from Boca Chica). I spent over 2 hours in the water and saw a stingray feeding, several giant parrot fish chomping on rocks, at least 20 varieties of fish I couldn't identify (where was that fish ID card?). On our return, we trolled at 10 knots per hour & caught 2 dorados (or mahimahi/dolphin fish). The first one was brought in by Pauline & weighed in at 25 pounds. The second was brought in by Penny and weighed at least twice as much. Boca Chica is close to my condo (only 1.5 hours away) so I will return.

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