Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pacific Bay Resort

I've been hearing about Pacific Bay Resort (& Frank who runs it), so I tried it out for 3 nights last week. What a find! Shush... don't tell anyone! For $50/pp per night you get a nice casa overlooking the Pacific Ocean (the view is equal to the more expensive $1,000/night view from Islas Secas), 3 gourmet meals prepared by Frank who owns 3 restaurants in Boston, plus all the kayaking, horseback riding, monkey watching, birding and sea turtle experiences you could ever want in Panama. I will return! In fact I'm thinking of renting out my condo for a fortune while I rent a small casa at Frank's! Of course, I'll have to teach him the art of Vegan Cooking! It's worth your while to check out this place before it gets overrun (only a matter of time after the most recent write-up from the Moon Panama book). Where else can you listen to howler monkeys howl while you are sleeping?


LAMP said...

hello. my boyfriend and i are traveling to panama for two weeks at the end of july. we're planning a road trip from panama to david, spending a night or two in boquete, taking a bus up to bocas del toro for a few nights and then flying back to panama city. we have not booked any hotels and only have a tentative itinerary. i have read some of your blog and it sounds like the type of adventures you are living are what we are looking to get a taste of during our stay in panama. our priorities are beaches/scenery, wildlife, culture, history--pretty much in that order. if you have any advice at all to offer us, i would greatly appreiciate it. thanks so much and i am jealous of the life you are living!

Anonymous said...

How did you get to Pacific Bay Resort from the airport.