Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to the Loving Arms of Panama

One of the fun things I did on my visit to the Pacific Northwest was getting together with Nancy O'Gorman (previously known as Nancy Rudolph & on the left in this photo) in Port Angeles. We had a very short visit, and I can only hope that she comes to Panama for a longer visit. Nancy is famous in several places (including Port Angeles) for her work on a calendar ( that featured nude men, women, cats and dogs. She gave me the 2007 calendar (possibly the last one available). I will display it proudly in my condo.
Plus I had a nice visit with Mom in Washington state (Winlock if you are curious), but I must ask, why would anyone live in a place where it rained or snowed 19 out of 21 days & you had to build a fire every morning? Luckily, I left warm clothes at Mom's.
I am euphoric about being back home. Mangoes are heavy on nearby trees, cashew trees are still producing red fruits, the Pacific surf is pounding in my ears when I drift off to sleep, and I am busy planning another Las Olas jazz night for April 25. My first day back, I walked 6 miles and road my bike 16 miles on the beach. Such a joy to have this 16 mile beach all to myself. Today I found three lovely pieces of sea glass (a very rare find on the Playa la Barqueta). I have two kayak trips lined up plus I'm in the process of importing (via a container) several more kayaks for my friends & I.
I worked at Paradise Gardens yesterday and had the unique experience of leading a tour through the aviary only to have Clyde (the toucan featured in this picture taken by Paul Bakke when he visited in March) nipping on my toes. Did he think my toes looked like worms? I thought toucans only ate fruits? OK... Google says, "Along with fruit (95% of their diet), toucans also catch and eat small animals including songbirds, crickets, cicadas, spiders, termites, lizards, toads, frogs, and snakes. They raid eggs and nestlings from other birds' nests. Some species catch bats as they sleep in daytime roosts. Some follow columns of army ants to eat the insects stirred up by the ant swarms". I'll be more careful on next week's tour!

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Nancy said...

Hi Elaine,

Us Washingtonians miss you already. Your visit here was like sunshine popping through gray clouds after a snow storm at midnight. Luckily your bright, cheerful vitality lingers, though. Come back soon!
love, Nancy