Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Darien Plan

This is just a quick blog to link you to Before I journeyed back to the States in March, Paul Bakke and I met a wonderful couple named Chris and Kristin at Paradise Gardens (I was their official tour guide). Chris and Kristin have taken a year off from "normal life in a cubical" to experience travelling in their very cool Honda Element Camper from California to the tip of South America. They named their Blog "The Darien Plan" because they had to figure out how to get their vehicle/home around the Darien Gap located in Panama. Their blog is wonderful to read and will make you wish you were 25 years old again.... Just remember, it's never too late!

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SparkleGirl3348 said...

Hi Elaine -
Thanks so much for linking to our blog! We loved the Paradise Gardens and wished that we had more time to stay and volunteer. We finally made it to South America a month ago and have been loving Colombia and Ecuador. South America is huge though - it's going to take us quite a while to make it to the southern tip. Hope you're doing well!