Monday, April 9, 2012

Bats, Kayaks and Sea Glass

Pauline on the Boquete Bridge

Dennis & Janie's backyard with the Rio Caldera nearby

From the balcony of Dennis and Janie's gorgeous house

Susan and Pauline kayaking in the mangroves

Loading up after a successful trip kayaking the mangroves

Morning Glory flower in Boquete

Hibiscus flower in Boquete

Black-Eyed Susan (Thunbergia)

A large spider on Pauline's back padio

Before we laid the new tile on the back porch

The front of Pauline's house

Pauline walking her beach

We saw lots of these guys - Portuguese Man O Wars

Lora from Hawaii made this for me & I gave it to Pauline (for her house)

The Black Christ of Portobelo

Another beautiful Hibiscus near Pauline's house

Not a jellyfish but a siphonophore...!

Caribbean Jimmy's Resort near Pauline's house

Gilligan's Island

The magic bay where we swam every afternoon

85 degree water, clear and warm

Pauline looking for sea glass

The back patio after the tile job

It turned out beautiful!

Close up of the middle section

A soursop or guanabana picked near Pauline's

Pauline heading toward the "Amphitheater of the Sea"

Front row seats at the "Amphitheater of the Sea"

Awe inspiring waves at the Amphitheater 

Shoveling gravel for the side of the house

Working in a dress after swimming in the ocean

Pauline & I returned to Panama March 9 through April 2, 2012.  It was lovely being back in the warm ocean and seeing all of our friends.  We spent 1 week visiting friends in Boquete, Playa La Barqueta, and Caldera then headed to Pauline's house on the Caribbean near the San Blas (& very close to the oldest continuously populated town in Panama - Nombre de Dios).  We spent 2 weeks at Pauline's house... walking the beaches, finding amazing treasures like sea glass, locating a pair of nest-building Plumbeous Kites (per Ridgely's Birds of Panama book, "no actual nest has yet been reported, though breeding seems virtually certain"), and working on several fun/crafty projects.  Check out which is very near Pauline's beach.  The first few nights at Pauline's house, we had several encounters with bats.  We decided they must have been young, semi-retarded bats. Three nights in a row, one to two bats would "fall" from the rafters into my closet and end up in my bedroom.  They would "walk" on their wings for a few minutes and eventually fly into the living room where there were 2 fans.  After flying around and around the living room, each bat would run into the fan and be knocked to the floor (what about radar??).  Pauline would then "sweep" them outside and they would be gone by the following morning.  After 4 bats had the same experience, Pauline used expanding foam in the cracks and bingo... no more retarded bats.  While the visit to Panama was lovely, I had a huge number of no-see-um bites on my body most of the time (payment for walking the Caribbean beaches).  Pauline only found 1 scorpion in her house and only 1 spider bit me.  That said, it's nice to be back in Hawaii where there are no snakes and few bugs.  I do miss the warmer water of Panama, but feel much more "at home" in Hawaii.


Rohrerbot said...

It was nice catching up with your trip. Hope you are well.

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Unknown said...

Hi did you ever make it to David Panama> It is often overlooked but its a fun place and it features a unique hostel run by a musician from NYC that has a pool