Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's a Tough Job But Somebody Has to Do It!

Buenos Noches Amigos! I am about to spend my 3rd night in the condo.... sheer bliss! I don't think I've ever slept so well. I barely use the AC. At night I crack the screened window (to better hear the ocean) & turn on the overhead fan. I admit to being in a total jubilant routine. I rise at 6:00 a.m. and go for an hour-long beach walk. If I see sand dollars, I pick them up for my "lanai outside collection". I'm more likely to see these seeds (pictured) called "Hamburger Beans" (scientific name Mucuna Albertisii). This is a true sea-bean. I've also picked up a few sea-heart beans, but hamburger beans are my favorite. The computer wizard (Lewis) spent part of his day in my condo helping to connect my computer to the local network. I asked him what the seeds were called & he said "Deer Eyes". I think hamburger buns is more fitting. Lewis showed me the shrub (near my condo) that the bean turns into when it sprouts... quite lovely! After my morning walk, I return home for Yoga-type exercises (unless I did them on the beach) followed by a 1/2 hour of meditation. Then I take a shower & fix breakfast (usually a huge smoothie or fresh fruit plate). From there, any number of things can happen... from reading on the lanai to driving to David for food. Lunch is usually a huge salad made from fresh greens grown in Cerro Punta (on the fertile slopes of Volcan Baru). I usually sun myself after lunch for about 30 minutes (gotta keep those vitamin D levels up). At low tide, I boogie board for entertainment (of me and the people why may watch me). I take a longer beach walk in the afternoon (usually around 5 miles) where I look for more sea-beans. Yesterday I saw a local selling hamburger bun necklaces. I figure if my pension checks aren't enough, I'll sell the sea-beans I collect to the local jewelers! Maybe I'll sell them myself to cut out the middle man! I hope you feel for me. It's a tough job (retiring in Panama) but someone has to do it. Adios! Elena

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