Monday, May 5, 2008

Jubilado = Jubilent Me

Hola from Paradise! During my evening beach walk yesterday, I walked up to check out friend's nearly completed house and pool. Susan (the friend & realtor here at Playa La Barqueta) happened to be standing there with her husband Mike. She showed me around the absolutely gorgeous house (to be complete in July) and beautiful/huge swimming pool with indigo blue tiles. They were headed over to the neighbor's house (a beautiful 2 story number) owned by John & Beth. I met Beth a few days ago, so they invited me to join them as well. There we were, sitting on the tiled deck, sipping cocktails (I had tonic water being the lightweight I am), talking about all the reasons we came to Panama. Beth told the best story. She was hiking over a small New Zealand island with a girlfriend (to meet their fishing husbands) & on the way she stumbled, badly breaking her leg. She somehow hobbled out & ended up in a Seattle hospital (Susan, Mike, Beth & John are all retired from Seattle - though they didn't know each other till they moved here). While recovering in the hospital, she got a staph infection that was resistant to antibiotics. She nearly died. While laying in her hospital bed, she realized that life is too short. She quit her psychotherapy business and moved here. She's the one who told me that Jubilado (which means retired in Spanish) has its roots in the word jubilant. Hence, to be retired is to be jubilant and full of joy (which pretty much describes me at this point). When you come to Panama, you'll be able to find me because of the license plates.
Adios Amigos,

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