Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Me And The Oystercatchers

Today made up for all the rain I experienced the last few days. The sun woke me up at 5:45 a.m. & I was off for my morning walk. All of the critters were extremely happy. Vultures were cleaning up vertebrae just off the trail; social flycatchers were socializing; pelicans were fishing in formation; I was walking without an umbrella in my pocket. After breakfast, I went into David to retrieve the 40 inch flat-screen TV that did not fit in my car when it was loaded with computer furniture 2 days ago. I've been without a TV for almost 2 months & haven't really missed it (except for episodes of So You Think You Can Dance & Dancing with the Stars). I brought the BBC Planet Earth DVD's with me, so that will be nice to see. Mainly I got the TV for guests (if I choose to rent this place out while I'm gone). When I returned from David, I noticed a whole series of lakes (that 2 days ago were fields). What a golden opportunity for pictures! I grabbed my camera & shot pictures of Wood Storks (pictured above). The local farmers are working hard to recover from the heavy rains. I wonder what effect the rains will have on crops (& my vegan diet). Parts of Costa Rica were hit with 25" of rain! I talked with Eliacer (who runs the front desk at Las Olas) & he said he's never seen a storm like this one (global warming?) It was still clear in the afternoon, so I went for an extra long walk (6 miles). What a feeling.... just me and the Oystercatchers sharing the expansive, sunny beach! I don't think I'll ever grow tired of the changing scene where I'm happily retired and the grand beauty of Panama!

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